'Goodbye, get your beauty rest until I see you': Rihanna mourns the death of her grandmother Dolly and posts sweet snaps on Twitter


By Kimberley Dadds

It was only two weeks ago that she posted intimate photos of her spending time with her sick grandmother on Twitter.

And now Rihanna is in mourning after revealing Clara 'Dolly' Brathwaite has now passed away.

The singer took to Twitter this morning to reveal the sad news and wrote: 'Goodbye #grangranDOLLY get your beauty rest until I see you.'

In mourning: Rihanna has revealed on Twitter her beloved grandmother Dolly has passed away

She then proceeded to post a number of sweet and personal photos of herself with her gran over the years.

Her relative, who her family affectionately called Gran Gran Dolly, died yesterday following a battle with cancer.

She was hospitalised at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York.

Intimate photos: Rihanna has taken to Twitter to share personal photos of herself with 'Gran Gran Dolly' over the years

And it was only two weeks ago that Rihanna visited her gran to spend some quality time with her in her sick bed.

The Umbrella hitmaker posted a number of photos and wrote: 'My heart smiled and cried all at once #grangranDolly'.

In another snap the 24-year-old singer is seen placing her trucker cap on Dolly's head.

She posted: '#grangrandolly Truk your girl'.

Sad news: Rihanna revealed the news on Twitter, expressing her sadness after she passed away on Saturday

Rihanna also uploaded a picture of her hand with her grandmother's along with the caption: 'She still has the most beautiful hands.'

Now Rihanna has released even more family photos of her, including some pictures of her smiling while standing next to Dolly's hospital bed.

She also posted up images of her smile and some of when Rihanna was a child next to her beloved family member.

Tender: Rihanna even shared pictures of her next to her sick bed as she spent the morning thinking about her passing

'Her smile': Rihanna was very close to Dolly and went to visit her in hospital in New York just two weeks ago

Rihanna also poses kissing her gran, while in another she posts a poignant picture of them looking at each other while holding hands.

The singer has spent the morning wading through her personal family album and sharing the snaps with her followers.

But she seems to be struggling to come to terms with the death as she later added some expletives to express her anguish.

Rihanna also retweeted a sentimental message from one fan, which read: 'A little tribute true and tender. just to show that we remember. time may pass and fade away. but memories of you will always stay.'

Young Rihanna: The star even showed off pictures of them together when she was a child and dubbed this image 'the best'

Fans of Rihanna are familiar with Dolly and in March the singer documented a birthday party held for her grandmother in New York.

And the heartbreaking news could explain her shambolic performance just the night before at the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden.

Revellers at the event were left unimpressed by her performance.

Frail: The Umbrella hitmaker's gran had been battling cancer leading up to her death

Slated: The night before her death Rihanna gave a shambolic performance in Sweden and was slammed by revellers, but the sad news could explain her state

Not only did she turn up 45 minutes late on stage, but fans then took to Twitter to claim that she appeared intoxicated and wasn't singing live.

One disgruntled fan wrote ‘Really don’t feel like watching Rihanna under the influence gig. Who the f*** allowed her on stage in this state? #pal12’.

Good times: She has posted up a number of poignant comments and pictures today

Close: She cuddles up to her gran when she was younger and healthier in another intimate picture

Some fans questioned whether Rihanna was under the influence of drugs as her performance was so bad, with one person calling her ‘disgusting and shameful’.

The Twitter user wrote ‘Rihanna is blatantly under the influence of drugs and is allowed to perform in front of children and young people. It is disgusting and shameful. #pal12.’

Fooling around: It was only two weeks ago that Rihanna spent time with Gran Gran Dolly in New York and shared this picture of her wearing her cap

Another added ‘Crowd walk-out from #Rihanna concert at #peaceandlove #pal12 #Sweden claiming she's too high to sing properly.’

She even dedicated a track to Norway after getting the countries muddled up.

But it seems she must have had a lot on her mind after her gran's health deteriorated.

In mourning: Rihanna shared this image of them touching hands a fortnight before her passing


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