Can't keep their hands off each other! Newly-sober Denise Welch and her toyboy beau can barely stop kissing as they enjoy day on the beach


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By Holly Thomas

She's gushed about how supported she feels in her new relationship, and how her beau Lincoln Towney has helped her to ditch the booze.

And it looks like the pair truly can't keep their hands off each other, judging by snaps from their recent day on the beach in Nice.

Denise was seen giggling as Lincoln cuddled her in the water, and they shared a tender kiss.

Talk about honeymoon phase: Denise Welch and her toyboy Lincoln Townley were all over each other during their recent beach break in Nice

Bit ticklish? Denise couldn't contain her giggles as Lincoln cuddled her in the water

The 54-year-old looked trim in a tropical patterned bikini, while Lincoln was equally colourful in bright pink trunks.

He held Denise's hand as she tiptoed gingerly into the water- after stopping for another smooch session on the pebble beach.

They appeared hardly able to stay more than inches apart, and even when drying off after their swim couldn't resist yest another kiss on their sun lounger.

Off the booze: Denise says that she is loving her new life without alcohol

Quick break on the pebbles: Even sitting on the beach the pair couldn't stop kissing

'I've got you': Lincoln held Denise's hand as she gingerly made her way into the water

When in the water, the twosome goofed around like a pair of lovestruck teenagers.

The Loose Women star hardly stopped smiling all day, and Lincoln looked equally enamored.

The actress, who has struggled with alcohol abuse, has revealed she has ditched the bottle and gone dry - with Lincoln's help.

Quick cuddle: The pair resumed their show of affection once back in the water

Goofing around: The couple were acting like a pair of lovestruck teenagers

'You're all mine': Lincoln looked mischievous as he picked Denise up in the water

And she credits her party planner toyboy with not only keeping her sober but also helping her through a difficult time after her mother May, 75, died in May.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror she said: 'I'm very, very happy in my personal life. I want to move forward in a positive way and not drinking is helping that.'

'It's been quite a tough year and and I just felt that I would deal with it better without alcohol. We are putting our relationship before the bottle.'

Running away? Denise didn't look as though she was trying to hard to escape

Watch out! Denise was caught off guard by a wave

'I feel much better in myself because I now wake up without a hangover. But I’m just eating a bit too much now!'

Denise left her husband actor Tim Healy, another famous drinker, for her toyboy lover after beginning an affair with the 39-year-old in April.

Tim and Denise were married for 24 years and have two children.

Back on dry land: The pair continued their smooching session on a sun lounger


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