'It's rare a man can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear!' President Obama roasts David Beckham at White House ceremony


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By Daniel Bates

Over the hill: Barack Obama cranked out the David Beckham jokes at the White House today as LA Galaxy were honoured, but Goldeballs (holding a golden and silver ball) took it all in his stride

It was supposed to be a thank you for winning the Major League Soccer Championship.

But David Beckham’s trip to the White House turned into an unexpected comedy roast - at the hands of Barack Obama.

The U.S. President mocked Mr Beckham for being over the hill and said that at the age 37 ‘half his teammates could be his kids.'

Who's the funnyman? Obama turned the ceremony into an impromptu Beckham roast

He also teased the soccer star as a ‘young up and comer’ before joking about his other career as a model.

To laughter from the crowd Mr Obama said: ‘He is tough. It is rare a man can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear’.

Mr Beckham and his team the LA Galaxy were shown around the White House to congratulate them for winning the Major League Soccer Championship last season.

Mr Obama, 50, posed for a picture with them and stood next to Mr Beckham whilst holding a football shirt with his name on it.

Good sport: Beckham has never been afraid of taking the mickey out of himself, or letting others do it... so it was quite an honour from the president

Good natured ribbing: David Beckham was President Obama's comedy foil today at a ceremony to honour LA Galaxy for winning the Major League Soccer Championship

On the team: Barack looked as pleased to be meeting the team, and of course, Goldenballs himself, as they were to be at the White House

But before doing so he gave a speech in which he said: ‘We have young up and comer on the team, a guy named David Beckham.

‘I gave David a hard time, I said half his teammates could be his kids. We’re getting old David, though you’re holding up better than me’.

Mr Obama added that Mr Beckham was tough because he had been a crucial member of the team despite fracturing his spine halfway through the last season and injuring his hamstring.

After the speech Mr Beckham and his teammates were due to take part in a football clinic for children with First Lady Michelle Obama on the South Lawn.

Proud moment: Beckham looked tickled pink to be at the Washington event

It's that special relationship: Obama initially shied away from perpetuating that close friendship between the US and the UK, but Anglo-American relations look great here

Goldenballs: This one is mostly silver, but the gold is there to represent England's favourite son

Due to bad weather it was reportedly moved inside and became a question and answer session for the young people.

Mr Beckham joined the LA Galaxy in 2007 for a reported $250 million but only won his first league championship this year.

He has been credited with giving football in America a major boost and bringing in huge crowds wherever he plays.

Mr Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria, 38, count Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria among their friends, but a chance to go to the White House would have impressed even him.

In awe: The father-of-four looked excited to see the First Lady speak

Quite an honour: It's doubtful the boy from Leytonstone, east London ever dreamed he'd one day be shaking the President of the United States' hand

The whole gang together: The team were honoured for winning the league

He last met the Obamas in May 2011 during a dinner they put on at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in London for the Royal family.

Opening the ceremony Mr Obama said: ‘I’m not going to flatter myself by assuming these cameras are here for me’ and praised the LA Galaxy for ‘pulling off one of the toughest feats of team sports’.

In reference to his own Irish heritage Mr Obama also joked that Robbie Keane, who plays for the LA Galaxy, was ‘a cousin of mine.'

Did that just happen? Beckham shares a moment with Landon Donovan after shaking hands with Obama

Quite a scene: Beckham meets students from across the country, who are part of the Let's Move! scheme, as Michelle looks on

Nervous: Beckham looked concerned as Galaxy left their hotel to attend the White House function

Mr Obama stood with Mr Beckham - dubbed Goldenballs - on his left for the photograph whilst the footballer held the golden ball he had been given as a gift.

On his right stood team captain Landon Donovan holding their trophy they were awarded for winning the U.S. soccer league.

As he made his way out Mr Obama shook hands with all the LA Galaxy players but spent a few minutes extra talking with Mr Beckham, who was wearing a grey suit, yellow tie and was sporting a beard.


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