'He's lucky I didn't punch him': Furious Will Smith slaps TV prankster for trying to kiss him on the lips on red carpet



By Mike Larkin

It seems like it is not a good idea to get fresh with the Prince.

For Hollywood's nice guy Will Smith angrily slapped a camp comic on the face after he tried to kiss him on the lips on the red carpet in Russia today.

The 43-year-old star was walking the press line in Moscow to promote Men In Black 3 when Ukrainian TV prankster Vitalii Sediuk stopped him to give him a hug and attempted to kiss him.


Getting fresh with the prince: Ukrainian TV prankster Vitalii Sediuk tried to kiss Will Smith on the mouth at the MIB 3 premiere in Moscow today

Big Willie managed to dodge two lunges, with each kiss landing on his cheek, before he pushed the professional fool away and gave him a limp tap on the face.

Blockbuster footage from the Russian LifeNews station showed the angry actor and rapper telling him: 'Hey man, what the hell is your problem?'

The Fresh Prince star later laughed about the incident, telling another reporter down the line: 'He tried to kiss me on the mouth.

'He's lucky I didn't try to sucker punch him. ... Sorry, I said that on camera.'

Don't touch Big Willie: The angry star gave him a slap in the face for his cheeky approach

Man in the black books: Vitalii Sediuk at the premiere before he got slapped by WillWind up merchant Vitalii is best known for playing a prank on Madonna by presenting the singer with Hydrangeas, her most loathed flower.

She rolled her eyes after graciously accepting the present from the joker before a press conference at the Venice Film Festival last year.

The gullible Holiday star thought he had simply made a mistake, telling an assistant: 'I absolutely loath Hydrangeas. He obviously doesn't know that.'

The prankster is also for known for his love of kissing celebrities when they least expect it.

Big Willie has been touring the globe to promote the latest installment of the Men In Black franchise.

One person who will not be amused by Vitali's approach is his sexy wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

She was not with her husband as she is currently at the Cannes Film Festival promoting her new film, Madagascar 3.

Cannes you believe it: Jada Pinkett Smith missed the incident as she is promoting Madagascar 3 at the film festival


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