Brangelina wedding photos? Hollywood's golden couple tie the knot in pictures the paparazzi can only dream of (courtesy of Alison Jackson)


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By Stephanie Hirschmiller

Those pesky paparazzi get everywhere! And as these aerial pictures prove, no celebrity is safe from press intrusion.

Even if you happen to be one of the hottest power couples in the world.

But wait, surely there's something awry - not least because the wedding in question hasn't actually happened yet.

Artist Alison Jackson has reimagined the impending nuptials of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie where the roles of the couple are played by actors

No, things are not quite as they appear.

What seems, at first glace, to be the ultimate paparazzi scoop, is actually an elaborate set-up by maverick artist Alison Jackson.

Jackson is known for her reimaginings of iconic events in which actors play the leading roles.

Last minute preening and preparations away from prying eyes. Or so they think...

Her most notable coup to date was perhaps a 300-image spoof take on the wedding of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge.

And now the artist has turned her camera on the impending marriage of Hollywood couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The bride looks ravishing in ivory - 'is it Armani Prive or is it vintage' - we find ourselves wondering as Jackson's lens follows her lookalikes from their hotel suite to the car to the outdoor ceremony itself.

One thing is for sure though. As any magazine deal surrounding the real photographs is likely to be worth about $10 million, security to protect the actual proceedings will be rather tighter than it is in Jackson's world...

Everything's perfect and Brad and Angelina are all dressed and ready for the serious business of marriage

Hollywood's royal couple emerge from behind the door of their hotel suite - but the sunglasses aren't fooling anyone

A stolen moment captured in the car. What sweet nothings is Brad whispering in Angelina's ear?

The couple emerge from their vehicle with serious expressions

As the official wedding photographer snaps away, the couple appear unaware that they are being watched from above


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