Three's a crowd! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's reunion interrupted by young fan as they pose for pictures at Lakers game


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By Georgina Littlejohn and Amelia Proud

They've not seen each other for a couple of weeks and looked completely wrapped up in each other as they were reunited for a date night at the basketball.

But Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's courtside smooching was interrupted when a young fan asked them for a photograph.

And the young celebrities were only too happy to oblige as the high-fived the cute little lady and posed for a snap.

Scroll down to watch Justin's video teaser...

Hey there, little lady! Justin Bieber links little fingers with a young fan as his and Selena Gomez watched the LA Lakers game last night

But the couple only had eyes for each other during the rest of the game and although they've only been apart for a couple of weeks, a fortnight is clearly a very long time in a teenager's heart.

Because the young lovers looked as though they'd been separated for about a year when they were reunited yesterday.

Say cheese! The little girl couldn't believer her luck as she posed with her pop idols for a picture

Thank you! The girl hugged Selena and Justin after they spend some time with her and made her day

And they made sure the world could see just how happy they were to see each other as they kissed and rubbed noses much to the delight of their fellow Lakers fans.

And they were joined at the game by actress Charlize Theron who brought her mother along with her, and Salma Hayek.

Reunited with a kiss: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made a public declaration of their young love as they attended a basketball game yesterday

Give us a kiss: Justin smiles at his girlfriend as he leans in for a smooch

Selena and Justin were last seen together earlier this month in his flash sports car at a Chick-fil-A drive through in Hollywood.

They have both been very busy with work commitments as he promotes his new single Boyfriend while she has been busy filming scenes for her new movie Spring Breakers in Florida.

You can't have any! Selena looks like she's defending her nachos and fizzy drink as Justin gives her a cheeky smile

Lakers fans: Actresses Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek were snapped arriving for the game

Girls' night out: Charlize was accompanied by her mother Gerda

And yesterday, the pair had one last work commitment before they could reunite.

Selena performed on Dancing With The Stars while Justin made a special guest appearance on The Voice and bounced onto the stage to present a teaser of his Boyfriend video.

With her boys: Salma was joined by her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg

The film noir style clip suggested that Bieber is heading in an edgier direction as it showed him lit by moody dark blue light, cutting a dramatic silhouette then seducing a beautiful woman.

Bieber,18, followed up the teaser by announcing that his new album, Believe, will hit stores on June 19.

Old friends: Veteran actors jack Nicholson and a frail Harry Dean Stanton were also at the game

Wearing a simple jacket, jeans and gold pendent, a quiff sporting Bieber arrived to rapturous applause from the studio.

'I'm really happy to be here, and I think you guys are going to really love the video,' he told host Carson Daly.

Sexy: The new video suggests that teen favourite Justin Bieber might be attempting to head in a more adult direction

Hands down, the sexiest video yet: What's going on here? Bieber fans still have to wait to find out

In the clip, Bieber is seen whispering the to a girl lasciviously against the resolutely grown-up looking background.

With a guitar in hand, the singer strikes a pose which owes much to Michael Jackson in the video for Billie Jean.

Homage: This pose owes much to one of Bieber's great idols, the late Michael Jackson

Moody blues: Bieber goes for a more 'muso' posture in the teaser for this video, and has his guitar feature prominently

He will perform the song live for the first time during the grand finale for the NBC talent show.

Bieber also joked with Maroon 5 frontman and judge Adam Levine about a 'supergroup' the two were planning.

Departure: The video looks more grown up than Bieber's regular bubblegum pop fayre

He said: 'Basically, we were going to do this supergroup, but he released his single, I released my single,' to which Adam replied, 'I'm sorry I quit, man.'

Also, livening up a firecracker of a show were Anglo-Irish band The Wanted, and there was obviously a mischievous degree of ribaldry between the pop acts.

Star guest: Bieber chatted to Carson Daly and enjoyed banter with the judges

Air kisses: Christina got a kiss from Bieber while he joked with Adam about starting a 'supergroup'

After the show, Max George tweeted that the Bieber had enjoyed a play fight with Siva Kaneswaran

He wrote: 'Great to see @justinbieber at the Voice...his jab to @SivaTheWanted 's balls was legendary!!

Justin immediately retweeted the joke. click here to see his cheeky teaser via the Toronto Sun.

Opposite sides: Meanwhile Selena Gomez was busy appearing on rival show Dancing with the Stars on ABC


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