'Stress makes people not get pregnant': Khloe Kardashian locks horns with Kim as she gets grilled over her struggle for a baby


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By Iona Kirby

Sibling rivalry: Kim (L) and Khloe Kardashian clashed when they were reunited in Dallas on Khloe and Lamar

Khloe received a visit from her sister Kim in Dallas on tonight’s episode of Khloe and Lamar, which cheered her up to no end, as she was glad to have someone to talk through her problems with.

The pair took a trip to the aquarium but things took a turn for the dramatic when Kim brought up Khloe’s struggle to get pregnant.

After Khloe had expressed her frustration over everyone grilling her to find out when she and Lamar would be having a baby, Kim had her own questions.

Boiling point: Khloe and Kim rowed after Kim brought up Khloe's struggle in getting pregnant

She asked Khloe if she had considered in vitro which was met with a frosty reception.

She said: ‘Yeah, I do want to have a baby. Being proactive with it is one thing… If it’s meant to be, if it’s meant to be.’

She added furiously: ‘Maybe when I’m away from all of you stressing me out a baby will come. Everyone gives me s*** about not being pregnant. Stress makes people not get pregnant.’

Calm before the storm: The pair had been on a visit to a Dallas aquarium when they began argung

Sore subject: Kim asked Khloe if she was thinking about turning to in vitro

Hoping to find someone to take her side, Khloe rang Kourtney and vented about Kim.

But Kourtney said diplomatically: ‘Everything happens for a reason. I think that timing is everything. I’m sure she’s just trying to help.’

Khloe realised the error of her ways and apologised to Kim when they went to watch Lamar play a game with his basketball team the Dallas Mavericks.

Khloe said: ‘I wanted to say I’m really sorry for getting so mad earlier. I get really sensitive about pregnancy and in vitro and everyone thinking there’s something wrong with me.’

Bonding: Khloe had been delighted to see her sister when she arrived in Dallas

Family fun: An excited Khloe had picked Kim up from the airport

Kim shrugged it off and told her younger sister she was always available to talk about it.

Earlier in the episode, Khloe was upset when Kim quizzed Lamar as to whether he was jealous when he found out about Kourtney’s pregnancy, which he admitted.

He said: ‘Yeah I was. I was like, damn, I wish it could be me, but just for a split second. Damn, they get to have another baby and I don’t.’

Lamar was having his own problems as the episode witnessed his struggle to settle into life in Dallas.

Opening up: Earlier on Khloe had spoken to Kim about Lamar's difficulty with moving to Dallas

Troubled: Lamar was having a hard time adjusting and it was affecting his basketball games with the Dallas Mavericks

He told reporters following a difficult game: ‘It’s still a little bit surreal. I’m always going to miss my home. To me things look promising in Dallas.’

Lamar received a message from his old coach asking why he was never seen on court and Khloe was so worried about his blue mood that she told Kim: ‘I think he’s on suicide watch.’

However he confronted his feelings following a discussion with Kim, and admitted: ‘If I’m going through something, I’ve always been able to go to basketball to vent. I’ve got to get my mind to that point where I love being here.’

Worried wife: Khloe was concerned about Lamar's well-being as he wasn't playing so well on the court

Positive outlook: Lamar realised he needed a better attitude following a chat with Kim and Khloe


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