Prepare to cringe: Jennifer Lopez fawns over shirtless toyboy Casper Smart (and reveals her taut tummy) in Dance Again video



By Amelia Proud

You'd really think the Bennifer disaster would have taught her a lesson.

Jennifer Lopez was never more unpopular or lampooned than in the aftermath of her nauseating 2002 video for Jenny from the Block which co-starred her then boyfriend Ben Affleck.

The pair were shown cavorting on a yacht, with the Academy Award winning actor nuzzling into J-Lo's bikini clad body and untying the hot pink top.
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Thanks for sharing! Jennifer Lopez embraces her dancer boyfriend in a still from the Dance Again video

Now married to Jennifer Garner with three little ones, Affleck - who was engaged to marry the Latino singer - says he regrets doing the video.

And you'd think that maybe Lopez,42, would too, but apparently that's not the case.

In fact, she's gone and done it again, this time a little more desperately with toyboy Casper Smart,24, in the video to accompany her new single Dance Again.

You'll have to wait until Thursday's American Idol to see how much in love and lust the couple want you to know they are, but ever benevolent, Lopez has released some teaser shots.

Ab-tastic: Then Lopez gets a go with the mask, a lovely shot for her children Max and Emme - now four - to enjoy when they grow up

What's odd is that the pair have been coy about their relationship in public.

If you were cynical, you might think that Lopez was building interest to a pique for this musical release... but that would be very cynical.

In the video, Casper is seen shirtless and blindfolded, with the words 'Love is blind' written across the black cloth.

Embarrassing; Affleck strokes his then girlfriend in the Jenny from the Block video

Lampooned: The couple were ridiculed for this strange intrusion of their own privacy

Going from the lyrics, we can expect a lascivious feast - J-Lo sings: 'Nobody knows what i'm feeling inside, I find it so stupid, So why should I hide, That I love to make love to you baby
(yeah make love to me)'

The Dance Again single is available on ITunes today.

Smart, who is usually in the audience during American Idol, has been photographed with Lopez everywhere from Miami Beach to Brazil.

'There is a lot of love between [them], he treats her like a queen,' People magazine reported.

Perks of the job: Casper looks down his girlfriend's top during a break in filming for the video in Mexico

Joined at the hip: The couple in Brazil, and Beverly Hills last week


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