Now she's making chocolate! Victoria Beckham shows her latest 'cooking' skills... with a little help from David


By Emily Sheridan

'Fun Good Friday making chocolate': Victoria Beckham shows off her and her family's chocolate figurines on Twitter

She once claimed the only thing she could cook was mince meat... so it appears Victoria Beckham's culinary skills have moved on quite a bit since.

After showing off photos of her recent attempts at making sausage rolls and cupcakes, it appears now the former Spice Girl is becoming somewhat of a chocolatier.

Together with husband David and their four children, the family have been making their own chocolate to mark Easter.

'And Daddy made these': David Beckham made yellow chocolate chicks for his daughter Harper

Uploading a photo on her Twitter page of a selection of chocolate figurines, she wrote: 'Fun good Friday making chocolate!! Happy Easter fashion bunnies.'

Among the creations she and her family made were a pink pig, white chocolate Buddha and milk chocolate bunnies, eggs and a football.

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She also tweeted another photo of yellow chocolate chicks, which she explained had been made by David for their daughter Harper.

Victoria wrote: 'Daddy made chocolate chicks for Harper! X vb.'

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But hopefully they were just for Harper to look or play with.

At just nine months old, Harper's only been eating solids for a few months and is unlikely to be ready for chocolate just yet.

The Beckhams' chocolate-making day comes after Victoria baked Easter-themed cupcakes with middle son Romeo, nine, and Harper earlier this week.

On Tuesday, she tweeted a photo of some very professional-looking cupcakes, explaining: 'Easter cup cakes with Romeo and Harper! So cute! X vb.'

Yummy: Victoria was baking Easter cupcakes with Romeo and Harper earlier this week

Her latest culinary efforts comes nearly three weeks after she made a selection of popular British dishes for her sons Romeo and Cruz's International Food Day at school.

Culinary delights including pork pies, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on sticks sat in three large foil trays with Union Jack flags on cocktail sticks in each item.

The trays were surrounded by sweets wrapped in patriotic paper, as well as a cute toy dog wearing a Union Jack cape.

Victoria accompanied the shot with the caption: 'Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb.'

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However, it's unlikely Posh tested any of the food - given both the fact that she's a vegetarian and the high calorie content of the food.

It seems Victoria's skills in the kitchen have improved drastically since 2008, when she admitted in an interview that one of the only food items she had mastered cooking was mince meat.

She said: 'The only thing I can cook really is mince meat, which is ironic because I’m a vegetarian. But I like calzone and lasagna. I cooked every day in Spain so David and the boys lived off minced meat for four years.

'I cook a Sunday dinner every single Sunday I’ll have you know. My kids like Yorkshire pudding so I make that, I can make it from scratch and I make Dora the Explorer cakes for afters because the kids love them.'


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