Jennifer Ellison displays a toned and tiny waist as she takes a dip in the swimming pool to cool off



By J J Anisiobi

Time to relax: A very toned Jennifer Elliison showed off her athletic body in a red bikini while on holiday in Tenerife

She spent almost half a year training consistently for Dancing on Ice so it's no wonder she's decided to finally kick back and relax.

And the results of six months of intense training were clear to see as Jennifer Ellison showed off her trim and toned body on holiday.

The 28-year-old looked in great shape as she spent the afternoon sunbathing and taking a break on her lounger.

Wearing a skimpy two-piece swimsuit, the mother-of-one sizzled as she topped up her tan at the Albamba resort in Tenerife.

The glamour model wore a frilly red bikini and had her long blonde locks down before tying them up when she decided to cool off in the swimming pool.

Her toned physique is the result of months worth of training for the popular ITV1 show and her desire to drop weight after piling on the pounds following the birth of her son Bobby.

Feeling the chill: The former Brookside actor appeared shocked by the temperature of the water

Take the plunge: Jennifer's toned torso was evident as she walked carefully into the pool

As the former Brookside star got into the water, the extent of her hard work was evident as her stomach looked more toned than ever.

Aside from losing a massive five stone since February 2010, Jennifer has also put on muscle and her sturdy legs were particularly impressive.

Whilst taking part in DOI, Ellison put herself on a strict regime but ended up in fourth place during the semi-final.

Poolside: After the dip Jennifer got out of the water and quickly dried herself off

Lady in red: Ellison spent the day lazing around on her sun lounger as she took time to relax from a busy schedule

Once she was out of the competition she admitted that her husband Robbie Tickle would be able to reap the benefits of her fit physique.

She said: 'He's had to watch my dance partner Dan doing all the sexy moves with me on the ice, so now it's his turn.

'Doing the show has been like one long exercise class - it's been like doing a permanent squat. My legs and bum are so toned now. I wasn't joking when I said I could crack nuts with my bum.'

The 5ft 7 star ballooned from a size 8 to 18 during her pregnancy and said she struggled to lose the weight afterwards.

But last year, she overhauled her diet and fitness regime, resulting in a workout DVD Jennifer Ellison's Fat Blaster Workout, which came out in December.

Hippy shake: Jennifer said her husband would reap the benefits of her toned body after leaving Dancing on Ice


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