'I can feel the results already': Lauren Goodger goes for pampering session as she reveals her drastic diet plan is working... but keeps figure under



By Alanah Eriksen

She's on her sixth day of a drastic diet which sees her consuming just soups, bars and shakes.

So Lauren Goodger is no doubt looking for a way to take her mind of food.

The Only Way Is Essex star went for a pampering session today as she revealed the Cambridge Weight Plan was working.

Feeling slim: Lauren headed to the hairdressers as she revealed that her drastic diet plan, which sees her consuming just soups, shakes and bars, was working

But she kept her figure under wraps in a baggy jumper, which she paired with tights.

The 25-year-old had her brunette locks tended to at her own salon in Essex, Lauren's Way.

She has kept her fans up-to-date with her progress via Twitter since revealing that she thought photos of her on holiday in Miami 'were horrific'.

Hitting the office: The Only Way Is Essex star heads into her beauty salon in Essex, Lauren's Way

Preened: The 25-year-old has her brunette locks tended to as she chats in the phone

She tweeted today: 'Day6 of @CambsWeightPlan and Ifeel great can feel it already.Can't wait hav body where all the mags use nice pictures of me!I want my goal x'

When asked by New! magazine last week if she enjoyed her holiday, Lauren said: ' 'I loved it but I absolutely hate the pictures. You know I’m not over the moon about my weight but they were horrific.'

Because she is due to go away on holiday again soon, Lauren wants a quick fix solution to drop some pounds so she can walk around with confidence.

Twit: Lauren has kept her fans up-to-date on her diet via Twitter

'I want something quick because I’m going away again soon. I want to go to Marbella and Ibiza and when I’m walking around I want everyone to go, ''My God, have you seen Lauren?'' The quick fix will act as a motivator for me.'

The Cambridge diet was developed after eight years of research by the University of Cambridge and the West Middlesex and Addenbrookes Hospitals in the 1970s.

It involves a very low calorie diet of soups, bars and shakes and is combined with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids to reduce the loss of nutrients typical of low calorie restriction.

Energy intake levels can be as low as 415 kcal per day.

Splish splash: Lauren said she thought the photos of her in Miami recently 'were horrific'

The body is pushed into a state of ketosis where the body breaks down fat for its energy rather than glucose.

Lauren insisted to New! that she was no bigger than a 12, saying: 'In real life, I’m not that big. I’m no bigger than a 12. All my dresses are a 12. The gold Lipsy bikini I wore was a 10.'

But she appeared to backtrack on her size this week, tweeting: 'need put stop 2all this bad pics n saying I'm a size 12 so I'm doin @CambsWeightPlan so will be slim n toned very soon if Ican do it ucan.'

She added that it helped that the shakes on the plan were 'actually yummy'.


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