He's definitely a Mummy's boy! Romeo Beckham looks the spitting image of mother Victoria with his razor sharp cheekbones


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By Jade Watkins

He may possess his father's passion for sports, but in the looks department Romeo Beckham is the splitting image of his mother Victoria Beckham.

In fact the nine-year-old is a dead ringer for the former Spice Girl star.

The youngster's features are remarkably near-identical to the 37-year-old, especially thanks to his matching razor sharp cheekbones.

Matching head wear: Romeo and his father David both wore baseball caps at an ice-hockey game last night

Dead ringer: Romeo Beckham's features are near-identical to his mother Victoria, pictured in February

Mother and son appear to possess the same facial characteristics, including their strong facial structure, big brown eyes and olive skin.

The youngster even has the same mouth and gap teeth of Victoria when she was around the same age.

While Romeo looks the splitting image of his mother, he's certainly following in the footsteps of his father's in terms of his dress sense.

Last week David and Romeo were seen at the basketball wearing near-matching beanies.

And once again the famous footballer, and all three of his sons including Brooklyn, 13, Romeo and Cruz, seven, donned similar head wear as they attended a hockey match in Los Angeles last night.

The sports mad boys had a ball at the NHL hockey game between the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings.

Beckham had treated his trio to some Kings merchandise, which also included the traditional hockey jersey for Romeo.

The boys had a ball at the game, jumping up and down and throwing their arms up in the air as the LA team scored.

And it appears that all of their cheering helped as the Kings had a 2-0 victory over the Oilers.

David is regularly seen taking his sons to American sports matches as they continue to immerse themselves in U.S culture.

Last week Beckham and Romeo wore nearly identical purple beanies as they watched a basketball match together.

The duo showed off their headgear courtside as they enjoyed the match between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Centre.

Spot the difference: Romeo also has gap teeth similar to those Victoria possessed when she was around his age

Sports mad: David and his sportsmad sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn watched the LA Kings beat the
Edmonton Oilers at the Staples Centre

Lucky duck! Romeo caught one of the flying pucks during the game

Perhaps a little warm, Romeo pulled his hat off halfway through the game, but the pair certainly made for cute sight beforehand.

Clearly enjoying the chance to spend some quality time alone with his father, Romeo, nine, looked thrilled as the pair joked around.

David was seen affectionately ruffling his son's hair, before pulling the little boy in for a cuddle, kissing him on the forehead at the same time.

Having a ball: The boys clearly were having a blast at the game

The pair also indulged in some sweet treats and fizzy drinks as they took in the match.

In a recent interview, however, David said that Romeo is the most fashion-forward of his three sons.

He said: 'Brooklyn will just wear his soccer shirts and T-shirts, but Romeo is the fashion one, so he'll go for skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and funny hats.
'One Christmas he asked for a pair of Spats shoes.'

And Victoria added: 'I’d love to say they get their singing talent from me, but they don’t. But they have good fashion sense; I like to think that they got that from me.'

Similar dress sense: Last week David and Romeo wore nearly identical purple beanies as they watched a basketball match together

Cute: Father and son larked about during the basketball game


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