Heartbroken Ultimo founder Michelle Mone 'trashes estranged husband's Porsche after discovering new romance with their designer'


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By Emily Sheridan

Shock split: Michelle Mone and her husband Michael announced their split after Christmas following 19 years of marriage

Heartbroken lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone reportedly trashed her estranged husband Michael's Porsche after discovering he was in a new romance with one of their company designers.

The Ultimo founder was shocked to discover her husband of 19 years had quickly moved on following their shock split at last Christmas.

According to The Sun, the mother-of-three, 40, discovered that Michael, 46, had spent the night with Ultimo designer Samantha Bunn, who Michelle considered a friend.

Michelle had a good working relationship with Samantha, who lives in Derby and to join the Mone family at their home for dinner whenever she was in Scotland.

A friend tells The Sun: '(Michelle) started noticing Sam was constantly in Michael's office, flicking her hair and laughing.

'About two weeks ago, Michelle asked her outright if she was having an affair with Michael. Sam denied it point blank.'

Michelle allegedly hired a private investigator, who took photographs of Michael and Sam going to a hotel room together.

Cryptic: Mone wrote a message about trust on her Twitter page on Thursday

According to The Sun, Michelle has allegedly fired Sam and keyed Michael's £120,000 Porsche Panamera.

Michael denied cheating on his wife before their split, telling the paper: 'Prior to our split, there was no relationship.'

While Michelle is yet to comment on the revelations, she left a cryptic message on her Twitter page on Thursday.

She wrote: 'Lesson never trust anyone 100% apart from your kids & mum & dad.'
The couple split shortly before Christ,as. but it is believed Michael was still living at one end of their mansion in Lanarkshire.

Body confident: Michelle admitted her husband wasn't happy when she did a lingerie shoot two years ago

In February, Mone, whose lingerie business had a £10.3million turnover last year, revealed her pain over the breakdown of their marriage.

She told the Sunday Times: 'I miss him. I miss what we had. I just keep thinking I'm going to be on my own for the rest of my life.'

She said she will never get married again and men were probably frightened of her anyway.

'I wish I was that woman who relied on her husband to do things for her. To buy her things, to cling on to [him] in the way a wife does. I don't think a lot of men like independent women. I just became too strong...

'Why did I want to be Michelle Mone? Why did I want to start all these businesses? Why can I never be satisfied with what I've got? Why can't I just chill, become a wife? Be at home? I'm not dissing housewives, but why couldn't that be me? And then maybe I wouldn't have gone through all this heartache.

Support: Mone with her good friend Carol Vorderman at the Cheltenham Festival in Gloucestershire last month

'I think the business has taken over my life. It is my life.'

The couple founded MJM International with her husband in 1996, launching the first of her cleavage-enhancing Ultimo bras in 1999.

Michelle had read about a new silicone product while on holiday in Florida, and obtained the European licence to make bras from it.

The cracks began to show when Michael objected to his wife posing in her underwear for the £40million brand two years ago after famously shedding six stone.

She revealed it was 'the first time I'd ever gone against my husband'.

Mone's representative has yet to respond to the MailOnline's request for comment.


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