Jedward look sombre and sad as they flatten out their hair for grandfather's funeral


By John James

It is not often that Jedward can be seen with sombre faces looking downbeat and calm.

However, the pop singing double-act even styled their hair to match their moods as they attended a funeral for their late grandfather.

John and Edward dropped their trademark quiffs and said goodbye to James Grimes at St. Munchin's Church, Limerick, Ireland, yesterday afternoon.

Flat top: Jedward arrive at their late grandfather's funeral without their trademark high hair

The teary-eyed twins were sporting floppy hairstyles and kept things low-key out of respect for their grandfather.

Dressed in matching black blazers, skinny jeans and trainers, the former X Factor finalists joined their cousins and close friends at the funeral.

James had passed away peacefully aged 88, but told his priest how proud he was of his grandchildren.

Father Phonsie Cullinan told the congregation that many times he had spoken to James about his family.

All black: The boys wore matching black blazers with skinny jeans and trainers

He said: 'He was a very proud and devoted grandfather.'

He added: 'It was obvious that he loved his grandchildren, maybe even more than his own children'.

Following the burial the boys were due to fly out to Romania where they will perform on a TV show tonight.

Jedward have been selected to represent Ireland for the second time in a row at this year's Eurovison song contest.

They will be hoping Waterline gets a better reaction to last year's entry Lipstick, which saw them finish in eighth place.

Back to work: The boys are representing Ireland again at this year's Eurovison Song Contest


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