It must be true, it's on Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg finally changes his status to 'in a relationship' but will an 'engagement' status follow?



By Daniel Bates

Like: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan first met at Harvard in 2003 and started dating just days after he was nearly expelled for his Facemash prank

As the founder of Facebook, you would have thought he would know how to update his relationship status.

But seven years after starting his relationship with Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg has finally got around to announcing they are going out.

The 26-year-old has updated his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ to reflect the fact he is taken.

He added that the change had been ‘long overdue’ but did not explain why he had waited so long.

Observers however have noted that often when couples become 'in a relationship' on the social network an ‘engaged’ status soon follows.

Zuckerberg and Chan started seeing each other when they were both studying at Harvard University.

Following the new update, Chan's Facebook page reveals that the pair started their relationship on November 7 2003, just days after Zuckerberg's infamous Facemash stunt at Harvard.

He was nearly expelled from the university after hacking into different colleges' websites and taking pictures of all the female students, placing them next to each other and asking other students to 'rate' their attractiveness.

The success the site had during the few days it was on the internet was his initial inspiration for Facebook.

It's official: The extremely private founder of Facebook confirms on his own website what everyone knew. He said the status update was 'long overdue'

Pricilla Chan's proudly displays that she is 'In a relationship' with Mark Zuckerberg on her Facebook page

Few details have emerged about the couple's private life together at their home in Palo Alto, California, as Zuckerberg is notoriously secretive.

It was only after a glitch that made his Facebook profile temporarily public - along with relentless criticism of the website’s stance on privacy - that he has allowed other people access to it.

Should Zuckerberg propose to Chan, a Chinese-American from the Boston suburbs, one of the issues that would be likely to come up with be a pre-nuptial agreement.

Despite his youth Zuckerberg is worth $13.5billion (£8.3billion), making him the 52nd richest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine - the second youngest billionaire in the world, behind Facebook co-founder and billionaire Dustin Moskovitz.

Domestic bliss: The couple show off their new dog Beast. The Hungarian Sheepdog now has his own Facebook page with 77,000 fans

Chan has been with him for a large part of the time Facebook has existed, but it is unclear what role - if any - she has played in its development.

Zuckerberg’s relationships were dramatised in The Social Network, the Hollywood film released last year about how Facebook was created.

During the final scene he tries to ‘friend’ his ex-girlfriend on the website after she had previously dumped him.

The Social Network made no mention of Chan, but it seems the pair started their relationship in real life at the period when the movie's plot begins

As the credits roll he keeps pressing the ‘refresh’ button in the vain hope that she has accepted.

However, this aspect of the story has been disputed by the real-life characters.

He and Chan had previously set up a Facebook page for their pet dog ‘Beast’ in a bid to soften his public image.

The Hungarian Sheepdog now has 77,000 fans.


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